RV Life

Rainy Day on the Road, WA

“Thinking will not overcome fear,

But action will.”

— W. Clement Stone

There are some Great RV vloggers and bloggers out there. I know when we were first considering living in an RV full time we came across a few blogs and vlogs that emphasize, you don’t have to have an amazing RV to get started with full time RV living. They say the hardest part of getting started with Full time RV living is that first big step, starting! The issue is that most people get caught up in the details, or think its a nice dream to have for the future. The bloggers will tell you, don’t let that be you. If travel is your dream, you don’t have to wait until the kids are all grown up. You don’t have to wait until you have a pension or retirement plan to start living your life. Do what you love now. Those bloggers are right!

My family and I are living it right now. Less then two years ago we started this process. We listed our house for sale and started looking at RVs. Our budget for an RV was going to be super tight. So naturally we were looking at older RVs that were on the bigger side. We wanted an RV that had good storage and enough sleeping space for everyone. After all we are a family of four +one furbaby!

After some research, looking at what was available near us and planning potential updates to our future trailer we settled on a Keystone Sprinter that only cost $3,600! Must have been a piece of junk right? The answer is a little more complicated then yes or no. The things that were important to us to not have to fix were in good condition. The super dated colors, fabrics and flooring were coming out anyway so it didn’t matter that they were, without dispute, awful!

On our remodeling journey we discovered some minor issues with the trailer, and a few bigger problems as well. As long as the bones are good, pretty much anything that can go wrong in an older trailer can be fixed if you put your mind to it. If you aren’t a naturally handy person but have friends who are willing to lend a hand then you should be alright with an older trailer. If you don’t feel comfortable doing DIY projects and don’t want to do any work to your trailer you are going to want to go with a newer trailer. My husband is resourceful and I enjoy a good DIY project so we weren’t overly worried about not being able to fix the issues we would encounter.

Fast forward and our house is sold, our trailer has undergone some pretty great updates. We are all packed up and ready to get on the road. Our house was located in Aberdeen, SD. After it sold we had no reason to stay in the state so we headed to our first destination, Minnesota. What was meant to be a short stop turned into 9 months. Our Keystone Sprinter isn’t what you call an All Season so we rented an apartment for winter. Our stay in Minnesota may not have been planned but it did prove to be beneficial. We were able to have our youngest son go to Mayo for medical care that may have been missed in a different hospital. We also got to know some really great people during our stay. By the time spring came around we were ready to leave our two bedroom apartment, we honestly missed living in our trailer.

Staying in our RV through the summer and staying in an apartment during the winter was not what we had in mind when we set out. So when the opportunity to go somewhere more temperate arrived we jumped for it.

With our trailer being not exactly winter friendly we needed to make sure we were somewhere a little more temperate. Which brings us to our current home base. Forks, Washington. Seriously I am in love with this town. It is absolutely beautiful out here in the pacific northwest. I adore the cooler summer and warmer winter. When we get to start traveling more often I can’t picture myself changing my mind on loving this as the place we come back to after each adventure.

Now that you know a little about how we got where we are I hope you are looking forward to following along on our journey. I know I am looking forward to sharing it with you! Feel free to sign up for our e-mails, follow us on instagram, pinterest or youtube. Content might be a little thin to start with but we are just getting started!
Much love!


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