Beauty on a Budget

Living in an RV means I have a lot less space then the average mom. Being a mom to special needs boys means I have less time to spend on a beauty regime. Top that all off with a practical spirit and a strong desire to spend as little as necessary and you have quiet the trifecta of qualifications any given product has to pass before it ends up on my shelf.

Saving money on beauty products doesn’t always mean going for the cheapest product. After all if you buy ten products priced at $5 a piece and only one of those products ends up working out for you then you wasted $45 and any time you spent purchasing applying and trouble shooting said product.

I ‘m busy, your busy, most of us don’t have time and money to waste on things that aren’t going to work. That’s why I believe a huge part of saving money means spending a little time researching a product before you buy it, and in ideal conditions trying out the product before having to purchase.

I don’t live near a mall, and honestly I don’t like going to malls nowadays. (but that is a whole other post in and of itself) So I rely primarily on reviews, and word of mouth recommendations. Navigating reviews can be daunting for someone who doesn’t love online shopping. How do I know if the person writing the review knows how to apply makeup. Maybe the product is a hair straightener and someone gave it a 5* review but the before and after pictures showed terrible results. How frustrating. The product has 4.8* but it clearly doesn’t work! Maybe the opposite is true someone gives a 1* review but they loved the product and hated how long it took to ship. Then the comment-less reviews, they literally selected how many stars they wanted to give and said nothing. Maybe skimming reviews and deciding which ones are worth taking into consideration isn’t for you. That’s okay!

Another great option for deciding whether a product is worth your time, money and effort is asking friends what they use. Have a friend with flawless skin, beautiful hair or fabulous makeup? Ask her about her skin care routine, hair care products or makeup choices. Maybe you have done that and found out your friend spends $60+ on a tube of mascara. Not all of us have friends with the same skin, hair type and budget that we do. I sure don’t. That’s where finding yourself an online “friend” comes in handy.

So many women are online, youtube, instagram, facebook and pinterest are full of beauty tutorials, product suggestions, reviews and sales pitches. Most of these women are clear about their skin types and budget preferences. The video itself allows you to see if their hair types, skin tones or facial features are a good fit for you to go ahead and click that ‘Follow’ button. I encourage you to find your beauty buddy online!

With all that said, now I will tell you a little more about myself and you can decide if its worth your time and effort to follow my beauty on a budget blog!

As a mom I don’t like to spend too much time on getting ready to go out. If I am being honest even if I had the time I wouldn’t wear makeup everyday! I really don’t like spending a lot of money on the products I use.

When It comes to hair care I have wavy to curly hair. I try to only wash my hair once a week, as is recommended with my hair type. Of course that isn’t always possible with kids and more frequent washing can be necessary. Especially if we go anywhere with sand or pebbles! Some days I wear it down and natural other days I go with polished waves, curls or messy buns or some other up-do. I prefer products that don’t have plastics, parabeans or sulfates. Why? For the usual reasons, being kinder to my hair and scalp and kinder to the planet.

As far as skin care is concerned I have fair skin with moles and freckles. Usually my skin is dry and if I skip the moisturizer my skin will itch the rest of the day. My somewhat recent trip to the dermatologist was very informative with regards to my skin type. I learned that I need to be taking a little extra care with regards to my skins sun exposure! Hello Sunblock!

Makeup! With Dry skin I usually use moisturizing foundations, some days I skip the eye-shadow using my contour kit to give them a little color for a super natural look. Mascara, blush and a little highlight are a must if I don’t want to look exhausted and on that note concealer is absolutely on my short list for makeup days!

If while reading this you thought, hey I don’t like spending all my time and money on makeup either! OR I love a good natural hair care product then go ahead and hit that Follow button! You’ll receive emails whenever I update my blog. You can watch out for makeup tutorials, makeup product reviews, hair care tips and tricks, and summer or winter skin care routines!

Feel Free to Contact me for any questions, suggestions, comments or review requests! Thanks for visiting and have a fabulous day!


Outer Beauty Attracts,

But Inner Beauty Captivates.”

Kate Angell

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